Welcome back, everyone! We’re very excited to show you another round of new products for November here at Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard. This week we’re going to highlight a product for all Ford Crew Cab owners out there. Our brand-new Door Glass Weatherstrip Runs for 1987-97 Ford F-250 and F-350 Crew Cab trucks replace the OEM rear door window glass seals that are now no longer available from Ford. Until now, if your original rear door-glass weatherstripping had deteriorated or was leaking in the rain, your best hope was to either find a used replacement and hope that it was still good, or take your chances on a NOS piece that could be completely dry-rotted. With our new glass runs, your truck’s rear windows will have a proper like-new OEM seal, eliminating annoying wind noise on the highway and keeping your rear-seat passengers dry when it rains. You can pick up set of our new door glass runs for your truck for just $18 per side. Use the search bar and key in part number 34394A or find it along with our other new offerings in our New Products section.

You’ll find plenty more in our online catalog, too. Our selection of replacement parts and maintenance supplies for your classic Ford Bronco is second to none and always growing. We have your needs covered with hundreds of the best quality and hardest-to-find Ford Bronco and Full-Size Ford Truck parts at great prices. Shop Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard today and get started on your Ford Truck restoration.