Over the last several weeks we’ve detailed a select few new products that we’ve introduced for September. The one we’d like to showcase today is the Truck Bed Floor Support Kit for 1999-2011 Super Duty Pickups. The original bed braces that were installed at the factory are too thin, and if you live somewhere like the Midwest or Northeast, these braces will often rust out. Not only does this compromise the load capacity of your truck, it can actually lead to the bed collapsing and further damaging your truck. This bed bracing kit from Dorman restores the structural integrity of your Super Duty bed with a much stronger part than what the factory equipped it with. It includes all four bed supports plus corrosion-resistant stainless steel mounting bolts and clips for years of reliable service that you won’t have to worry about. This product is a direct fit system and requires absolutely no modification to your truck. The Truck Bed Floor Support Kit is $295 and ships in a single box. Like all of our new products and specials, you can find the Dorman Bed Floor Support Kit in our New Products section, or use the search bar and key in part number 740750.

We have plenty more high-quality Bronco and Ford Truck parts that we’d love to show you as well. We’ve got you covered with hundreds of the best and hardest-to-find parts at prices that are easy on your wallet, too. At Bronco Graveyard, our selection of maintenance and replacement parts for your Bronco or Ford Pickup is second to none, and there’s more every month.