A new month means new products here at Bronco Graveyard. One of the items we’re very excited to share with you is a Paint-to-Match Grill Insert for the 1978-79 Bronco and Full-Size Pickup. If your old grill is showing its age and has become brittle or chipped, or if you’re just looking for an unpainted unit, then this is the piece for you. This grill is fabricated right here in the United States by Dennis Carpenter Industries and is made with the exact same tooling Ford used to create the original pieces. It’s truly a fantastic piece with OEM fitment but without the brittleness of an original. At a slim $49 it also doesn’t have the hefty price tag a NOS unit commands. As part of our Down-To-Basics Series, this grill insert comes unpainted but can be finished with your choice of solvent based paint. You can find this item in our New Products section, or use the search bar and key in part number 24807.

We have plenty more Bronco and Ford Truck parts that we’d love to show you as well. We’ve got you covered with hundreds of the best and hardest-to-find parts at the best prices. At Bronco Graveyard, our selection of maintenance and replacement parts for your Bronco or Ford Pickup is second to none. And we’re adding more all the time.