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A History of Jeff's Bronco Graveyard

Here at Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard we have been in business for nearly 30 years now. We pride ourselves in offering quality parts at a very low cost and we try to offer all the help that we can along the way. We hope you enjoy our virtual trip down memory lane!

1983-1984 - Mud Racing & Bronco Passion Ignites

It all started back in 1983, Jeff, his brothers, and friends decided to pursue a true passion of theirs: mud racing in a Ford Bronco! It all started as a hobby, but then quickly became a way to promote his up and coming business. This is the way Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard was made and as they say: This is where it all began…

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This is the first Bronco that they built and raced with. This machine is what started it all!

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Loading the race truck up on the trailer to take it to a local mud bog.

After getting a little dirty, it was time to load up the Bronco and take her back home. But there were many more events to follow!

The particular event pictured above won Jeff and his crew a 1st place trophy in class C at the 1983 Indianapolis Mud Bog.

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Check out this very unique Bronco called the Hog Machine.

As everyone knows, repairs need to be made even during an event. Here we are working on the old race truck.

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Here is Jeff in 1984 with his original Bronco.

1985-1986 - Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard has Risen!

As the years went on and they entered 1985 Jeff and the boys wanted to do something a little different with the Bronco. So they took off the old original body and put on a totally custom and hand built body. This made the truck a much better mud racer and won them a lot more trophies.

Sometimes you gotta get a little dirty! For the really deep mud, they would have to throw on some better and wider tires. This truck was even involved in indoor mud racing at the Pontiac Silverdome.

After all the years of racing -and promoting his business in the process- Jeff decided to officially start Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard in late 1985 and leading into 1986 business really started to kick off!
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Believe it or not, this is the old barn where Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard started. In this small barn is where Jeff and his crew would take apart the trucks and sell the used parts. At this point we mainly served walk-in customers, but we did have our fair share of phone calls as the years went on in this place.

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One of the first Broncos Jeff parted out.

Here is a photo of us doing a lift on the Motor City Madman’s a.k.a. Ted Nugent’s Bronco back in the late 80’s.

1997 - 10 Years and 15,000 sqft later

Here is the 15,000 square foot building that Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard moved into around 1997. Jeff had this building built and we were one of the very first businesses in our industrial complex, which now has more than 20 local businesses in it!

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2007-Present - 30,000 sqft of pure Ford Bronco Heaven

Here is that very same building but with our new 15,000 square foot addition that was built on and finished in 2007 to make our building size a total of 30,000 square feet.

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