Bronco Graveyard Broncos » 1966 V8 Roadster

Jeff was walking though the annual 4x4 ford spring swap meet in Hudsonville Michigan, when he noticed two broncos on a trailer. One was a blue ‘68 wagon and a red ‘66 wagon with a snowplow. Both broncos were in poor shape the ‘68 was rusted and missing an engine, trans and transfer case, the ’66 was battered and beaten. Later in the day jack a friend of Jeff’s said “did you see the red ’66 on the trailer, that might be a roadster.” Jeff soon headed back to the bronco and asked the owner if he had the title. Looking at the title there in was U13NL831369, U13 was for the roadster model and N for the 289 V8 Engine. A deal was struck, the bronco would be heading back to Brighton. There it was a V8 roadster hiding under a later model full top and windshield frame. The bronco had one early door on the passenger side and later on the driver’s side. Looking closer you could see the screw holes in the doorposts where the door inserts mounted and lack of holes in tip of the quarter panels where the full top would mount. Later when checking out the VIN# it was a march ’66 production date and with the first V8 roadsters made in mid march this could be one of the first V8 roadsters built. Now a bronco that spent most of its life in Traverse City, Michigan would now become the next Bronco Graveyard project