Bronco Graveyard Broncos » 1979 F-250

The safety green 1979 ford truck was originally purchased by the Novi Michigan fire department in march 1979 from John Mach ford in Northville Michigan. The truck 1979 F-250 custom 4 wheel drive with a 351M engine and a new process 435 4-speed transmission. The F-250 was outfitted to be used as a brush fire and support fire vehicle. In the later years the truck was also used in the winter as a support vehicle to pull the rescue divers’ team trailer. The F-250 saw action on walled lake for dive exercises and real life search and rescue. As the Novi area grew from rural to a city the fire department determined the truck no longer needed. In may 2001 the F-250 with 26,000 miles was put up for auction. Jeff was the high bidder and received the truck in June, while driving the truck home Jeff discovered the truck runs, stops and steers like a new vehicle. Driving the truck lets a person go back in time over thirty years to see how the truck of the time performed. The truck is basically all original (tires, battery, radiator) and came with a maintenance record book with all entries for the truck including, engine oil to tire pressure checks.