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The 1972 U14 Bronco was purchased in early 1972 by the Mechanicsville Hose Co. (Mechanicsville, PA). The all Rangoon red Bronco was later fitted with a 2-way radio, CB radio, sirens, and flashing lights. Mike Reno, current fire chief (1982), said the truck was used for brush fires in remote hard to reach areas. The fire chief quoting older fire fighters said the Bronco could climb hills like a mountain. The Bronco was used on into the early 1990’s when it was sent to the Fire Truck Museum in eastern Pennsylvania. The Mechanicsville Hose Co. needed to purchase new equipment, so they put the Bronco up for a close bid. Jeff was the lucky bidder and picked up the all-original 302 V-8 (2830 miles) in June 2006. On the trip home he stopped by the 40th Bronco Anniversary at Carlisle All Ford Nationals, where Stacey David, host of “Geaz” and former host of “Trucks,” picked the truck as most original Ford Bronco.