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The Blue 1976 Bronco was originally purchased in Brighton, Michigan from Wilson Ford in December 1976. The lucky owner was John Keski, a later retired 47 year Ford employee. John and his family used the Bronco as a second car, and to pull his camper trailer to native Upper Peninsula of Michigan to air shows. In 1997 John had Leiberman Body Shop start the restoration process. Leiberman installed new front fenders, a tailgate, and then repainted it. Michigan Motor Exchange rebuilt the engine and John did not touch the interior because it was as clean as it was from the factory. John, being a long time Bronco Graveyard Customer, enjoyed his Bronco by going to car shows and Broncorama’s. His long-term plan was to pass his Bronco down to his son Eric, but Eric became ill and tragically passed away. In March 2006 John came to Jeff and a deal was made. He wanted someone that would cherish the Bronco like he did. The Bronco is one of the best driving trucks that Jeff has driven.