Bronco Graveyard Broncos » Jeff's 70 Half Cab

When Jeff was high bidder for the 1970 Bronco pickup it was like hitting the Bronco lotto. The Pick was all original except for the battery, tires and wheel covers. The truck had only 6,622 original miles on it and showed little wear. Used as a brush fire truck for the Salem Township Fire Department, it spent it's days in a heated fire hall and only came out for parades and other special events. The truck was completely disassembled and they started with the drive train. They first installed new seals and gaskets throughout the entire drive train, reassembling everything to better than factory condition. All components were cleaned and painted with the exhaust manifolds getting gray Jet Hot Coat treatment for durability and superior looks. The body was next and Jeff called on Ricky Albright of All-Rite Custom to do the paint and body work. The main problem was dealing with the holes left by all of the radios and other equipment added to the truck. After the body was ready Ricky applied the Raggoon Red paint. The truck was reassembled with the idea to keep the truck as factory as possible. All new weatherstrip was added as well as an original red screw cap Autolite battery. On Wednesday, June 12, 1996 our 1970 Bronco was invited by Michigan's Ford Truck Plant to lead the Drive-Off Ceremony to pay tribute to the last Ford Bronco ever built. Comments from the original ford workers invited to the ceremony "This truck is better than when we built it in 1970" concluded a job well done.