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At last...SuperFlex© extended radius arms for your 66-79 Ford Bronco or Pickup! SuperFlex© radius arms are 12" longer than stock and feature a complete bolt-on installation that can be completed in hours by anyone. The rear mounts are located off of a factory frame hole allowing trouble free installation and the C-bushing openings are set at 5 degrees allowing the use of 2,4, or 7 degree bushings (custom degree settings are available.) The lower coil spring mounts are positioned to allow the coil spring to sit flat and mini skid plates are provided to protect the lower C-mount bolts. All kits come Powder Coated silver/black spatter but custom colors are available for an extra charge and require additional wait time. The arms are angled inward to allow tire clearanced for tight turns and articulation, you can actually adjust your knuckle stops for a tighter turning radius than can be achieved with stock arms. Extensive testing revealed that heim joints did not give any additional travel or flexibility, and 12" was the optimum length. This is a safe and rugged design with no removable parts or areas for possible failure while driving or in an impact. This kit with our new Superflex suspension components(below) makes RTI scores 1200-1500 range possible. On our project BULLETPROOF we achieved an RTI score of 1268 with full tire pressure and poly bushings.