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Bronco Graveyard Sponsorded Trucks » Ted Nugent's Gonzo Reloaded

Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard is currently working in conjunction with Ted Nugent on his 1974 Bronco rebuild. Ted would like his Bronco Beast to be absolutely reliable and functional as a basic plow/work/hunting/farm-ranch truck. It is abused daily and finally needs an overhaul. Ted demands that all parts and accessories should be geared towards Heavy Duty Performance! He also wants the truck to be built so he would feel comfortable to take the truck on long hunts away from home but yet be able to plow some of the deepest snow Michigan has ever seen! Some parts that will be going on the Bronco are the Superflex lift kit, all new sheetmetal, weatherstripping, disk brakes, stage II frame, shock hoops, rock solid bumpers, full roll cage, front and rear flares and hydraulic brakes. The other suppliers currently involved in the project are Proto Fab, Matkins Extreme Frames, Deaver Spring, Hydratech Braking Systems, and Bushwacker. Stay tuned for more information on the specifics of the Bronco build, what TV programs the truck will be appearing on and pictures of the build. Here is the sheetmetal being supplied and some photos of his visit to the Graveyard.
[url=/trucks/tnugent.php]Click Here to see the build sheet.[/url]