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1988-89 Rear Driveshaft
Catalog > 1988-89 Rear Driveshaft
Item #32408 - New
1988-89 Ford Bronco
A.O.D. Automatic Transmission
This is a rear driveshaft with u-joints at both ends.
Overall compressed length is 28 5/8"
Overall extended length is 32 5/8"

To properly measure a driveshaft, the shaft should be compressed to the shortest possible length. Most typical shafts are measured from center of the U-joint, located at the slip yoke end to the center of the furthest U-joint on the opposite end of the shaft. In addition you may need to measure the size of the U-joint by measuring across the slip yoke ears.

Other Parts Recommended:
Transfer Case Flange
Front or Rear Axle Flange
Drive Shaft V-Clamps
Drive Shaft Bolts

Our Price: $239.00
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New<br/>1988-89 Ford Bronco<br/>A.O.D. Automatic Transmission
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