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New Venture 4500 Transmission
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Item #31555 - Rebuilt

The NV4500 was introduced in 1993 and has been recognized as the ultimate manual transmission of choice. With a 5:61:1 low gear ratio, 27% overdrive and a synchro-reverse, this transmission works well with the Broncos. Your Ford bellhousing will also need to be adapted. The Dodge NV4500 has a 7-1/2" long input shaft. We manufacture an adapter plate that bolts to the front of this transmission. This compensates for the long input shaft and provides the necessary Ford bellhousing bolt pattern. Another consideration is the clutch disc spline. The stock Ford is 1-1/16" 10 spline, and the NV4500 is 1-1/8" 10 spline; therefore a new clutch disc will be required. When installing the components, driveline and floorboard modifications will be required. A new crossmember mount will have to be fabricated.
A new transmission may be ordered from your local Dodger dealer. We have provided the following part number for your reference: Dodge 4WD Standard Duty NV4500, P/N 52100129AD
Our Price: $2500.00
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