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Adjustable Trac Bar
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Item #23502 - New
Adjustable Trac-bar
1978-79 Ford Bronco
1976-79 Ford F100, F150
The track bar acts as a locating and stabilizing link between the axle housing and the frame.
When a vehicle is lifted the track bar needs to be lengthened and/or relocated or binding occurs.
If unaddressed, the frame and axle housing will continuously "tug" against each other resulting in "roll and yaw" and "steering wheel kick".
Additional symptoms are tires being un-centered in relation to the fender wells, and the vehicle sitting low on one side.
Will work with stock suspensions, or lifts up to 9.0". Comes with bushings.
Adustable from 36-39"

Our Price: $125.00
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New<br/>Adjustable Trac-bar<br/>1978-79 Ford Bronco<br/>1976-79 Ford F100, F150
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