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Rear Leaf Springs, 5½" Lift Pair New 78-79 Bronco
Catalog > Rear Leaf Springs, 5½" Lift Pair New 78-79 Bronco
Item #23263 - New
1978-79 Ford Bronco
4 Pack Leaf Spring
Good ride quality and durability.Note: comes with spring eye bushings.
3" wide
Sold in pairs
How do you know what to believe when every source lays claim to having the most durable and best riding leaf springs?
Actually, there have been no light truck spring design breakthroughs in quite some time.
Comprehending how spring characteristics differ requires an understanding of spring rate and rate curve.
Rate, in the simplest sense, is a measurement of the load required to compress the spring a given distance.
In other words, it is a gauge of spring strength and flexibility.
"X" amount of rate is required to support "X" amount of weight.
Rate curve is a measurement of load variations as the spring is compressed; a smooth, linear rate curve is desired.
Rate and rate curve are determined by several factors including number of leafs, material grade and thickness, leaf length, leaf end configuration and interleaf friction.
Developing a good functional design involves closely evaluating the vehicle's spring rate data, plus its overall drivability, then using this information to design a product matched to the vehicle.
With our aftermarket leaf springs, spring rate has been reduced, as much as possible, to emphasize suspension travel and the most compliant ride you can get out of a stock designed leaf pack.
Other parts recommended:
Rear spring hardware
Leaf spring perches
Rear spring hangers
Front spring hangers
Degree shims

Our Price: $339.00
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New<br/>1978-79 Ford Bronco<br/>4 Pack Leaf Spring<br/>Pair
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