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Ford 9" Axle Set With TIMKEN Bearings
Catalog > Ford 9" Axle Set With TIMKEN Bearings
Item #22303 - New
1978-86 Ford Bronco
1973-86 Ford Truck
31 Spline Axle Set
1541H Steel Driver Axle & Passenger Axle, Timken Set 20 Wheel Bearings,Seals,Wheel Studs

We have searched the US to bring you the best axle shafts for heavy-duty and off-road use applications.
These axles are produced using state of the art computer controlled equipment and manufacturing processes.
The first factor to consider is axle shaft steel.
Most OEM manufacturers use 1040 steel.
The axles we offer use 1541h steel (used for high performance applications) ,which contains a lot more manganese, adding to the strength, harden ability and helps in deep heat treating.
These axles are also produced from quality one piece forgings using upset forge methods for strength and consistency.
This upset forging process creates a subsurface grain structure that closely matches the shape of the flange for increased strength and durability.
Putting together the best metals, correct heat treating process, the best induction hardening process and latest computer controlled equipment leads us to believe we are bringing you a first rate product that will serve your needs better than the common 31 spline axle you can get other places.

This axle is 20-25 percent stronger than a standard 31 spline axle!
- Upset forging
- Normalize after forging
- Rough turn
- Fine or finish turn
- Turning of the flange
- Drill holes for the studs
- Splines are rolled
- Final heat treat by computer-controlled induction furnace
- 100 percent Magnaflux inspection for cracks
- Straightening
- Finish grinding

Our Price: $275.00
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New<br/>1978-86 Ford Bronco<br/>1973-86 Ford Truck<br/>31 Spline Axle Set<br/>1541H Steel Driver Axle & Passenger Axle, Timken Set 20 Wheel Bearings,Seals,Wheel Studs<br/>
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