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Dana 60 3.73 Ring and Pinion
Catalog > Dana 60 3.73 Ring and Pinion
Item #11849A - New
O.E. Dana Spicer Ring and Pinion
Dana 60 Rear
3.73 Ratio Standard Rotation

Strong. Durable. Quiet. Easy to Set Up.

Dana design, engineering, testing and manufacturing processes all work in conjunction with one another to ensureunparalleled performance that non-genuine parts simply cannot deliver. Spicer gearing offers the easiest possible set-up, a quieter ride and strength that cannot be beaten. Spicer 3-axis gears are manufactured using a 2-cut continuousprocess, in which the workpiece/gear and the tooling are continuously turning. The ring gear is fully machined on one machine, the pinion on another. 2-axis gearing uses a 5-cut milling process in which the ring gear is set up in two machines and the pinion is set up and machined in three different machines, which allows for inconsistent tooth spacing. 3-axis gearing, however, produces lower indexing errors and provides the flexibility needed to create the desired gear tooth geometry. Check out the other processes we employ below, all of which help provide Spicer quality.

Dana 60 Original Equipment Manufactured 3.54 standard rotation ring and pinion.
This is a ring and pinion with set up kit made by Dana Spicer Corporation.
- OEM Dana Ring Gear
- OEM Dana Pinion Gear
- OEM Pinion Bearings
- OEM Shim Kit
- OEM Cover Gasket
- OEM Pinion Bolts
- OEM Pinion Oil Baffles

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