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Chrome-Moly Dana 60 Outer Axle, 35 spline
Catalog > Chrome-Moly Dana 60 Outer Axle, 35 spline
Item #11785A - New
4340 Chrome-Moly Dana 60 front
Outer axle shaft 11 3/8 Inches long
35 spline
4340 Chrome Moly Outer Dana 60 Axle
11 3/8 inch 35 spline
Uses 5-806 X (non-zerk) or 5-733x (with zerk) u-joint.
This is the bad boy extreme outer!
You must upgrade to 35 spline lockout hubs.
YA W46101
Our Price: $129.00
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New<br/>4340 Chrome-Moly Dana 60 front<br/>Outer axle shaft 11 3/8 Inches long<br/>35 spline<br/>1977-1998
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