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New LUK Clutch Kit, V-8 11"
Catalog > New LUK Clutch Kit, V-8 11"
Item #11200 - New
1966-77 Ford Bronco
Why settle for anything but the best!.

Comes with Alignment tool, pressure plate, clutch disc, throw-out bearing and pilot bearing and bushing.
LUK has earned its place as the leading original-equipment clutch supplier by setting the standard for clutch performance.
Unquestionably, the highest-quality line of clutch replacement sets in the market. Why? It's all about designing and manufacturing clutch system technology for original-equipment vehicle manufacturers throughout the world. In the domestic market, LUK is North America's largest original-equipment clutch supplier from its engineering, development and manufacturing facility in Wooster, Ohio.
-10 15/16" outside diameter
-1 1/16" disc spline size
-10 tooth
***Performance Tested***
LUK clutches and discs undergo rigorous testing at each step in the production process, from component parts through final assembly testing.
Clutches must pass tests for clamp load, release load, pressure plate lift and variation, finger height and wear capacity.
Discs undergo testing for cushion deflection, torque capacity, spring rate, facing parallelism and compressed thickness.
To achieve the perfect match of product to vehicle, LuK engineering and production teams collaborate on every aspect of design, from research and development to prototype testing and final production.
This seamless integration ensures flawless execution of product from start to finish.
NOTE: We strongly recommend resurfacing your flywheel or purchasing a new one. part #11039
Our Price: $195.00
New<br/>1966-77 Ford Bronco<br/>Why settle for anything but the best!.<br/>
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